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The New Smooth Sound


On or, you might have heard of something called the “New Smooth Sound.” If you’ve never heard of it, perfect! Today I’m going to quickly explain the ins and outs of the New Smooth Sound. I’ll break it down to the basics, straight from the horse’s mouth.

What is the New Smooth Sound?

Before talking to you about the New Smooth Sound, let’s watch a quick video showing you. Watch below:

The New Smooth Sound is a style of music. Basically, it can be broken down into 5 basic elements. If the music does not have these 5 qualities, it is not New Smooth Sound.
1) Music that’s built around strong rhythm, especially beatboxing and drums.
2) There must be backup vocals that fit smoothly into the song.
I’ll skip the last 3 but you can learn all 5 qualities here.

Where did the New Smooth Sound come from?

Created by yours truly, the New Smooth Sound was born out of my musical history of drums and flowing rhythm. The music style developed naturally as I recorded new songs, especially the Come Girl CD.

Where can I hear a sample of the New Smooth Sound?

A good example would be the song “Something I Meant to Do.” You can listen here.

Hopefully, after this quick note, you find yourself more in tune with the New Smooth Sound. A more detailed lesson can be found here.

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