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Music Review: “Hey Nineteen”


Time for a new music review. Yes, I love making new music; especially smooth music. But I also love listening to other musicians. Occasionally I find a new song that really gets me movin’ and groovin’. Today, that song is “Hey Nineteen.”


“Hey Nineteen” is performed by Work Drugs and last week I found it on an indie music website. I’m so glad I follow indie artists.

This song is fun to listen to and I couldn’t help but dance. And not just cute two steps but full body motion. The hook keeps a consistent rhythm which sustains the energy built after the verses. At about 3 minutes in length, the quality per minute of the song is top level and the song leaves you wanting more.


When making radio-ready music, you want the hook to be the best part of the song. Or at least the part of the song that everybody remembers. “Hey Nineteen” does this perfectly. It’s light, it’s catchy, and it’s groovin’. A powerful combination.


You can listen to “Hey Nineteen” here. Like the song says, “What are you waiting for?”

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