“The Surprise” Band in Austin


What’s goin’ on? For me, I just saw a hot band that took me off guard. It’s crazy but I never got their name. So let’s call them “The Surprise” (in the picture). They were playing at Fast Eddie’s.

I heard that The Surprise plays in Austin all the time, like once a week. This one night, they were grooving to mostly old school music like The Temptations, Diana Ross, and Tina Turner. But they did end the night with some Bruno Mars. Right on time, they played at least one of my favorite Michael Jackson tracks. Hearing The Surprise’s version of “Pretty Young Thing”, I couldn’t help but think of one of my songs “Something I Meant to Do.” You can listen here. The vocals and music are so rhythmic, almost like a bunch of drums.

In the end, “The Surprise” was a good surprise this night. And I promise to get their REAL name.


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