The New Smooth Sound

New Smooth Sound Revisited


It’s time to revisit the definition of New Smooth Sound. After getting some great questions from puzzled music fans, this is necessary.

New Smooth Sound is crafted for all the music buffs, especially the ladies.

Anyone who is fond of the smooth serene vibe of songs can halt at the New Smooth Sound. AJ Smooth was able to exploit the dexterity of musical instruments and has delivered smooth-flowing songs with his perception of “New Smooth Sound.”

Peep into the New Smooth Sound

The New Smooth Sound is a pristine style of composition, blending  R&B, pop, and jazz. The idea to smooth the connection between who we are and who we show to other people gave birth to the offering in the music industry.

What kind of music is christened as New Smooth Sound?

Music that revolves around deep-seated rhythm, specifically beatboxing and drums can be portrayed as New Smooth Sound. Top-notch backup vocals that immerse effortlessly into the song can evolve itself into New Smooth Sound.

Musical instruments like the piano is used to add texture, essence and render life to the songs. Music needs to have a smooth transition from one part to another. There should not be any bizarre elements in the songs. Songs that are entitled as New Smooth Sound should not encompass any belligerent tone. Most importantly, songs that belong to New Smooth Sound genre need to have at least one real singer.

After listening to songs like “But I Want to”, “Lose Myself” and “Come on Girl” – AJ gave life to all these melodious songs. But the real showstopper is “Something I meant to Do” –  many people will find themselves in a serene ambiance whenever this song plays. AJ Smooth has delivered indomitable music that even future generations will find desirable.

Now that you’ve read about New Smooth, let’s watch it. See the video here:

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