Something I Meant to Do

Something I Meant to Do

Melodic and Catchy R&B Song

“Something I Meant To Do,” a mellow R&B song by AJ Smooth. Not only is it melodic and catchy, but it tells a story; reminiscent of the soft pop and electronic blues genres.

Man Finally Dances With High School Crush

From the point of view of a young man at a party, “Something I Meant To Do” explores the emotions of longing, regret, and timidity that are so often associated with the high school experience. In the song, the young man is reunited with his high school crush. 4 years ago, he was unable to gather up the courage to ask her to dance back at a school dance. No longer a shy and awkward teenager from that dance, he finally gets her to “groove with him” and gains closure from his missed opportunity so long ago. He meant to ask her to dance back in high school, so while the moment arrives rather late, dancing with her “like [they] don’t have a care in the world” was still “something [he] meant to do”. In the end, he is content that his regret is resolved, claiming that “if only a night, fate can be so kind.”

Appealing Hook

In addition to the colorful and relatable picture the lyrics paint, “Something I Meant to Do” also contains a memorable and appealing hook. In the hook, AJ repeats “Something I meant to do. I’m gonna groove with you. Seventeen I can see, Baby just dance with me.” The melody is repetitive without being monotonous and can draw a listener’s attention almost immediately and keep it for the rest of the song.

Genres Combined to Create Unique Song

With “Something I Meant To Do,” AJ Smooth combines positive elements from a variety of different genres to create a unique, melodious treasure that contains all of the components of a good song.


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