3 Reasons You Should Try Classical Online Radio

3 Reasons You Should Try Classical Online Radio

A few months ago, I found myself becoming extremely aggravated with the cars around me. After some self-observation and “soul-searching”, I learned the truth. When certain songs were played over and over on the radio, my mood would completely change.

Even if I liked the song, the favor quickly morphed into resentment. So I introduced a new element, I discovered the classical music station KMFA. KMFA Classical 89.5 is an all-classical public radio station. KMFA is non-profit and listener-supported.

Here are 3 reasons why you should listen to the classical online radio station; especially if you live in Austin, TX.

1) You can only hear your favorite song so much

Even with my favorite song “You are not alone”, I can only hear it a couple times within an hour before I’m ready to pull my hair out.

2) It makes you smarter. Girls love a smart man

You’ve seen it in movies. People that listen to classical music just look more interesting and intelligent. For all the smooth gentlemen out there, women LOVE that in a man.

3) Opportunity to be different

Do something new. Be different. Make people uncomfortable. Classical music might be new to you and questioned by others but this difference in you will make you more remarkable.


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