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Welcome to the AJ Smooth music blog, where the music must be smooth.
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Who is AJ Smooth?
That’s me. My initials are AJ, but they call me smooth. Playing the piano, writing music, and singing. That’s what I do.

What’s here for you?
This is the place where you get new original songs, from me. I’m independent of all the huge music companies that dominate the radio. I’m able to release what I want, when I want, how I want. As long as it’s great.

What type of music?
The music here can be described as a mix of R&B and Pop. I prefer to call it “New Smooth.” More on “New Smooth” later.

So, what’s next?
As a gift for checking out this blog, take my favorite single “Something I Meant to Do.” It’s about fixing a regret with a fling of the past.
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Will you be spammed?
I like blog updates in the same way I like my women. Classy and confident but a little shy. I will continue to send content out but only quality content, when the time is right.

See you soon,